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Isaac Lesser – Build It


BIO: Go behind the scenes as we learn what it took to see the UK’s oldest skatepark in a totally different light for Isaac Lesser’s ‘Build It’ Video part


Brief: Document Isaac Lesser’s journey in making history at the UK’s oldest skatepark as he thinks up and explores new possibilities. The video was also the first to feature aerial footage of the skatepark.


Position: Director, Director Of Photography, ProducerCamera Operator, Editor, Colourist & Sound


Filming Duration: 7 Months


Post Production Duration: 1 week



BIO: Epic TV’s ‘BOOOOMFEST’ Short Film Competition; 60 seconds to ‘make an impact’. The short film received an honourable mention and awarded ‘Best Narrative’ amongst submissions from over 170 filmmakers.

Brief: ‘Make an impact’. Tell your story to the viewer in just 60 seconds, I wanted the short film to embody the true message of BMX riding but also a motto applicable to all walks of life. The video also featured a narration from one of the most idolised motivational speakers, Alan Watts. The audio was licensed accordingly with his son who thoroughly enjoyed the video.


Position: Director, Director Of Photography, Producer, Editor, Colourist & Sound


Filming Duration: Footage collected across other projects


Post Production Duration: 1 day

Brighton Ain’t Ready 2 – Six Years On


BIO: An extensive look into what went into making the second ‘Brighton Ain’t Ready’ DVD possible in 2014.


Type of Video: Documentary Film


Brief: To show everything that went on behind closed doors in making the 2014 Brighton Ain’t Ready DVD happen. The documentary was included on the limited edition DVD that accompanied the full feature film and a picture book.


Position: Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist & Sound


Filming Duration: 80 Days


Post Production Duration: 30 days

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